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Transitioning from WisBuild to eBuilder:

In our ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency, streamline our processes, and improve collaboration, we will be transitioning all bid advertising activities from WisBuild to eBuilder. This transition will provide a more integrated and user-friendly platform for bid management.

  1. Create an eBuilder Bidding Portal Account:

Important First Step! Prior to May 14, 2024, please navigate to the eBuilder List of Projects out for Bid website to create your eBuilder Bidding Portal Account.

  1. Once on this page, find the “Demonstration Bid Package” project, click that project link and you will be taken to a landing page for the project.
  2. Once on that landing page, navigate to “View Bid Package and Addenda on e-Builder (sign-in required)” – here you will be prompted to sign in or create a Bidding Portal account. Please note for security purposes, this account log in is separate from the standard eBuilder account log in used for project access.

    - If this is your first-time using the eBuilder Bidding Portal, choose “Create Account” under “Are you a first time bidder?”

    - After logging into the Bid Portal, confirm your company and contact details, then click save.

    - After you have completed the above steps, there is no further action needed.

Revised Bidding Instructions for eBuilder:

Alongside this transition, we are implementing new bidding documents with revised instructions specifically tailored for the eBuilder platform. Please find below a summary of the revised bidding instructions:

  1. Accessing the Bid Package:
    • Navigate to the new projects out for bid page and select the project of interest.
    • Click on the unique bid package link to access the eBuilder Bidding Portal.
    • Please note that the login credentials for the bidding portal will differ from your standard eBuilder Single Sign-On account login.
    • If this is your first time bidding, navigate to the unique bidding link and choose “Create Account” under “Are you a first time bidder?”
    • After logging into the Bid Portal, confirm your company and contact details, then click save.
    • Upon logging in to the project, locate and "Accept" the package invitation.
  2. Viewing and Downloading Documents:
    • Navigate to the "Invitation Documents" tab to view and download all relevant project documents.
    • Any additional addenda notifications will be accessible under the "Addenda" section. Ensure to download the addenda files from the "Invitation Documents" tab.
  3. Submitting Your Bid:
    • Return to the bidding portal and proceed to the "Response Form" section.
    • Step 1: Enter your bid amount and total cost in the designated fields.
    • Step 2: Upload your Bid Bond and Bid Form documents as required.
    • Step 3: Acknowledge any applicable addenda. Note:  while acknowledging addenda in the bid portal is essential, it is not the only acknowledgement required. Ensure that all addenda are acknowledged on the provided lines of the DFD Bid Form to avoid potential rejection.

We understand that adapting to these changes may require some adjustment, and we are here to support you throughout the transition process. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team at



To view current eBuilder Opportunities and results

Navigate to: eBuilder Bidding Opportunities and Results

Project Number:22F3O
Project Title:Repair Naturalist and Accessible Cabins
Bid Date:10/24/2023
Bid ID:9894
Bid Bond:True
CD Available:False
Bid Documents Available Via: Download
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Document Type View/Download File
A-1, Invitation to Bidders 22F3O A-1 Document.pdf (136.51 KB)
Specification Table of Contents 22F3O TOC.pdf (126.57 KB)
Specifications Login Required
Drawings Login Required
Bid Tabulation 22F3O BidTab.pdf (11.36 KB)